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Can't wait to see what these sps corals will look like in a year! (166kb) Green slimer in front of purple Acropora humilis (155kb) Full tank view (72kb) Soft coral and anemone section of tank. Maxi-Jet 1200 and Tunze Turbelle Stream 6080 are on fulltime. (122kb) Green with purple edge Montipora capricornis (110kb)
Bright orange Montipora digitata. Rock had nice holes to stick frags into. (98kb) Frag with light purple tips on left is growing well. (156kb) Yellow Acropora with fluorescent yellow polyps. Some purple hue to tips. (117kb) Flowering polyps. Encrusting lime green coral on left. (142kb) Happy Maroon Clownfish. (110kb)
Red Open Brain Coral. (108kb) Purple zoos from Dieselman (146kb) My favorite shot of this group. Long exposure at f/8.0. (142kb) Dark jade green with lavender tip Acropora. Coloring up and growing very well under 175 watt 10K metal halides. (130kb) Purple Acropora humilis with light blue polyps. (141kb)
Green star polyps. The scourge! (125kb) Dieselman purple zoos (115kb) IMG_6142.jpg (118kb) Frag in water vial (97kb) If anyone knows what will eat this macroalgae, please e-mail me!!! (105kb)
Reaching toward the light! (143kb)