Birch Aquarium at Scripps
July 29, 2003 Home

Diving vehicle in parking lot (75kb) Whale sculpture fountain (59kb) Front of the Birch Aquarium at Scripps (72kb) IMG_8558.jpg (52kb) Kelp Panorama tank (89kb)
Thick acrylic for Kelp Tank (48kb) SPS reeftank. Very clean. No coralline on front pane or blue back! (75kb) Beautiful Montipora capricornis! (88kb) Look at the size of this Acropora colony! (100kb) IMG_8567.jpg (104kb)
IMG_8568.jpg (89kb) Bare bottom tank with some reef rubble and Halimeda (97kb) IMG_8570.jpg (96kb) Orange Montipora Capricornis (84kb) IMG_8572.jpg (98kb)
IMG_8573.jpg (90kb) Merulina (88kb) Overflow slits and eductor outflows (46kb) IMG_8577.jpg (94kb) IMG_8578.jpg (80kb)
Clownfish (89kb) Bangaii Cardinals (86kb) Note the flatworm infestation on the mushrooms! I thought it was a pattern on the mushrooms at first! (101kb) Look at the inhalant syphon on that clam! (87kb) IMG_8587.jpg (79kb)
Lionfish (46kb) Nautilus in dim light (58kb) IMG_8591.jpg (41kb) Xenia (107kb) IMG_8593.jpg (84kb)
Wolf Eel (46kb) Anemones (53kb) IMG_8596.jpg (63kb) Abalone (103kb) Jellies (20kb)
IMG_8602.jpg (78kb) These jellies moved very fast (64kb) Caught the fast jellies with the flash! (60kb) IMG_8609.jpg (53kb) IMG_8610.jpg (39kb)
IMG_8611.jpg (33kb) Tidepool exhibit behind the aquarium building (63kb) View of the pier from the back of the aquarium (49kb) View of the back of the aquarium (65kb) Interesting pattern on the back of a seastar (72kb)
Octopus (56kb) Don't dump that Caulerpa down the toilet! Suggests freezing Caulerpa for at least 24 hours before disposing of it. (69kb) Seahorse (83kb) IMG_8629.jpg (36kb) IMG_8633.jpg (96kb)
Seahorse rearing (75kb) Leafy Seadragons (57kb) IMG_8642.jpg (59kb) IMG_8644.jpg (64kb) IMG_8645.jpg (62kb)
IMG_8646.jpg (58kb) IMG_8647.jpg (60kb) IMG_8648.jpg (46kb) Looks like a scene from Panzer Dragoon (40kb)