Reeftec PE-1 / Turbelle Stream 6080
Turbelle Stream 6080 review

Tunze Turbelle Stream 6080 ziptied to Reeftec bracket (113kb) Front view of tank with Reeftec PE-1 on left and Stream 6080 on right. Both are angled toward the back middle of the tank. (90kb) DSCN0044.jpg (117kb) Zipties on Reeftec PE-1 to hold top grill in place. (126kb) Two to three feet before flow from Stream 6080 hits rockwork. (105kb)
DSCN0047.jpg (71kb) Ah, that actinic blue! (143kb) DSCN0049.jpg (133kb) Side view of Stream 6080 (and clean that front pane!) (118kb) Note protective front grill on Stream 6080 (82kb)
Turbelle Stream 6080 box and Stream 6080 on mounting bracket. (77kb) You can rotate the Stream 6080 by rotating it on its mounting bracket. Bracket is set up for a top lip. (78kb) Showing how one can rotate the Stream 6080 on the bracket. (70kb) Straight ahead mount (69kb) Grill removed to show propellor. Note the red o-ring to provide a tight seal for the protective grill. (81kb)
Propellor assembly removed. Small teeth on white section of propellor assembly must be firmly engaged for the propellor to spin correctly. I didn't lock it in when I initially slid the propellor assembly back in again, and the propellor assembly came partway out, providing a lot less power. (53kb) IMG_6039.jpg (70kb) Reeftec PE-1 next to Tunze Turbelle Stream 6080 for size comparison (88kb) Stream 6080 has a slightly smaller propellor, and smaller outflow diameter. Note protective screen on Stream. (70kb) IMG_6043.jpg (86kb)
IMG_6044.jpg (70kb)