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Full Tank Shot 20030810 (82kb) Xenia in front (151kb) IMG_8783.jpg (161kb) IMG_8784.jpg (150kb) IMG_8786.jpg (131kb)
IMG_8787.jpg (79kb) frags in flower stem holders (108kb) green slimer out of control! (142kb) Rearranged tank - most of Xenia now in back right corner (89kb) Small white Xenia - doesn't get too big or grow too fast. Also easy to remove from rock. Clam and Red Open Brain Coral (107kb)
Acropora Valida frag (72kb) Pretty Yuma (107kb) Ricordea garden (129kb) Bali blue tip (106kb) Pom-Pom Xenia with feathery polyps (103kb)
Light purple with fluorescent aquamarine polyps (101kb) IMG_9010.jpg (152kb) Xenia cluster (124kb) Orange montipora digitata (138kb) IMG_9014.jpg (109kb)
Powder blue frag (103kb) Purple with blue polyps and fluorescent green tips on right. (112kb) Left side of tank (144kb) Right side of tank (146kb) Middle of tank (147kb)