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The reef aquarium of TIGER SHARK (reefcentral.com member name)

Ricordea Garden! (107kb) Red Bubble-tip anemone in the back (104kb) SPS corals ready to grow (87kb) Full tank shot (65kb)
Another Ricordea garden on the right (93kb) DSCN0266.jpg (98kb) DSCN0267.jpg (97kb) DSCN0268.jpg (98kb)
Happy clownfish (93kb) Bright green hammer coral (85kb) Orange with green mouth Ricordea (84kb) Beautiful colors (94kb)
Blue Ricordea (90kb) DSCN0280.jpg (95kb) DSCN0281.jpg (79kb) DSCN0282.jpg (93kb)
DSCN0283.jpg (88kb) DSCN0284.jpg (81kb) DSCN0285.jpg (88kb) Orange and Pink Ricordea (81kb)
Closeup (91kb) Black and Orange Keep those GSPs isolated! (105kb) Shot from right end of tank (93kb)
I like that bunch of Ricordeas! (85kb) DSCN0292.jpg (87kb) Teal beauties (83kb) DSCN0294.jpg (95kb)
DSCN0295.jpg (90kb) DSCN0295A.jpg (85kb) Green slimer ready to start branching (84kb) DSCN0301.jpg (98kb)